You Sandwich-Inventing Superstar You

You, your sandwich idea, Canter's, magic

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The turkey talk has begun in earnest. In such earnest, in fact, the gobbling will soon reach very loud levels.

It is the second week in November, and that turkey, and tofurkeys, and chicken-urkeys, and turduckens, should be once again capturing our foodie imaginations should come as no shocker.

The recent gobbles have come direct from Canter's Deli. The venerable Fairfax restaurant is asking customers and Thanksgiving aficionados and inventors of sandwichery to think up a really delicious turkey sandwich. The most deliciousish of the submissions will appear all December long on the Canter's menu.

No easy task, thinking up a new take on a turkey-cheese-bread classic. Will you throw some whole cranberries in there? Maybe a hot mayo spread? Whatever you need to do, think about the crowing you'll do over seeing your turkey sandwich served at one of our city's most famous food spots.

Deadline is Thanksgiving. Of course.

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