“Young Frankenstein” Shuffles Into Hollywood

Brooksian winks and saucy wordplay reign. And big green monsters.

Mel Brooks put in a personal appearance at The Egyptian on Friday, like some kind of ha-ha-inspiring harbinger that tells of funny things to come.

While Mr. Brooks was there to josh around with none other than Carl Reiner and present some past work, his presence on Hollywood Boulevard was foretelling of something else much more monstrous.

We're referring to Frankenstein's monster, of course, and "Young Frankenstein," of course, the 1974 movie that Mr. Brooks made that got made into a song-filled stage show in 2007.

That show is opening at the Pantages on Tuesday, July 27. Closing date is Sunday, Aug. 8.

There will be zingers. There will be tight dirndls and heaving chests. There will be a lurking, hunchy monster in a top hat. There will be songs like "Transylvania Mania."

And if you're really feeling the "Young Frankenstein" love, you can enjoy it twice in the coming days. American Cinematheque is presenting it at The Egyptian on Wednesday, July 28, along with "The Man with Two Brains."

Watching the "put the candle back" scene with other Frankenfans is probably something all Brooks buffs should do at least once.

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