Your 3D Date with Lumière

The El Capitan presents "Beauty and the Beast."


It's kind of fitting for "Beauty and the Beast" to screen at the El Capitan, right? Yes, it is a Disney film, but rare is the day that we sit in the El Cap and not hear the organist break into a rousing version of "Be Our Guest." It's one of the theater's standards, in fact.

But the latest "Beauty and the Beast" run has a twist. It's in celebration of the film's 20th anniversary -- the movie opened in November 1991 -- and it will be presented in 3D. Are you trying to imagine the yellow-dress, high-ceiling ballroom dance now? With the extra dimension? Yep. It'll be big.

The dates are Friday, Sept. 2 through Thursday, Sept. 15.

Bonuses: Belle will appear at every show. Bet she'll be wearing that famous dress, too. (Should we say here we're also partial to her more casual frock she sports at the beginning of the story? We are.)

And "kid-sized glasses" will be available. That's been one of the arguments swirling through the whole recent 3D resurgence; the glasses are too large for tots. Glad this is being addressed.

This isn't necessarily a bonus or fresh addition, but let's just add Lumière to our hooray list. Time spent with that suave candelabra is time well spent, in our book. You know that's Jerry Orbach? Voicing the character? Do you love that? From Lumière to "Law & Order"? Talk about talent.

It's still the greatest casting decision ever, or at least one of them. Mr. Orbach is very much missed, but Lumière shines on. A nice tribute, indeed.

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