Your Comic-Con Costume Tips

Get the to-knows for rocking that Storm Trooper outfit at the pop culture con.

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Comic-Con 2012, the world's largest and most famous pop culture convention, is just hours from its San Diego opening. Which means that several people are likely hard at work on their costumes for the 2013 get-together.

Not a misprint. The stuff that some fans wear during the four-day mega convention is so witty and so epic that months of time and prep go into assembling the outfits.

Still, if you're scrambling for something last-minute for this year's con, don't despair. Here are some quick tips to get you suited-up in your fantasy best:

1. Breathable fabrics are key. We don't know why we even typed that, since many people turn up as Iron Man or a Storm Trooper, two clankity clank costumes that are distinctly unbreathable. Still, if you're on the crowded convention hall floor all day, you'll get, um. Damp? Inside your outfit. Do you have a hand fan? Pack it.

2. Prepare for physical interaction. If your costume is quirky enough, other convention goers will want to have their photos taken with you. You will have strangers' arms around you, in other words. You may be hugged. You may be kissed. See photo above.

3. Mash-ups rule. Sure, you can go as the Hulk, but what if you were the Hulk in some alternate fairy land world? What if you mashed-up your Princess Leia look with some Manga style? We can almost guarantee that whatever existing character you arrive as, someone else will be dressed as that character, too. Throw your clothes a curve-ball. Say, can you do a three-way mash-up? Go there.

4. Bathroom breaks. We probably don't need to elaborate here. Consider this ahead of time.

5. Meeting the actor who played the character you're dressed as. There's always a chance of this at Comic-Con. Have you prepared your funny but not overly friendly opening line? Will you have a pal following with a camera? The moment is always fleeting. Don't let that chance pass you by, Hulk-if-he-was-an-elfling. Don't let it pass you by.

Comic-Con International is at the San Diego Convention Center from Thursday, July 12 through Sunday, July 15.

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