Your Guy Will Not, Must Not Find that Scarf You Made

Ol' St. Nick is one smart cookie. He's able to stow all those gifties up at his candy-covered workshop and various gingerbread huts around the snowy, Pole-adjacent areas. But the rest of us have to get creative, because, we well know, prying eyes like to peep in dark cupboards. We've all got our special spots to put that special something for that special someone, but here are a couple more shhhh-worthy spots...

The Neighbor's House: We say, march that present out of your own place and down the block. Offer to do the same for the neighbor doing you the favor. Just make sure everyone's gifts are well-marked and labeled, or the wrong receiver might rip them open in the happy chaos of Christmas. If a neighbor is too close -- and your spouse is too friendly with said neighbor -- find a pal to collude with, preferably in a different zip code.

The Store: If the spot you bought the gift at has some sort of layaway plan -- or even will hold it for 24 or 48 hours gratis -- consider that, especially if you live with a super snoop. The only tricky bit is here is the driving/walking back to the store to get it when the time comes to give the gift, but that may be a small inconvenience to weather for a big surprise.

Online: We go misty at from-the-heart projects, like an online photo album, set to music, created specifically with a loved one in mind. Figure how easy this particular gift is to keep hidden; the person you made it for would have to have the specific URL to find it, and that is likely not to happen. Just make sure that, when you're toiling away on it, they're out of the house and can't suddenly pop by to eyeball what's on your screen.

Two Places Not Recommended: The refrigerator/freezer. It sounds brilliant, stashing a tiny gift in the yogurt tub, until the receiver wants some yogurt and pops the lid off. And the whole "diamonds frozen in ice" bit? We think we saw that in a movie once, but in real life? As if. Also, the trunk of a rental car. We've forgotten items under seats after returning a rental. It may seem tempting -- who'd snoop in the trunk of the car that'll only be around for three days? -- but tread carefully, and check over every inch afterward.

In the end, we know our people, we know our places, we know our where things can be tucked away. We still wish science would build us an invisibility shield, just for this time of year...

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