Your Help Needed: A Time Capsule for Ventura

The city hall is turning 100 with a splashy July party (plus a few stored memories, too).

TURNING 100: When you hit your centennial -- if you haven't already marked it, that is -- how will you celebrate? Oh, sure, you'll get a cake and family and friends will shower you in photos, presents, and attention. A 100th birthday is a big deal. But what's the extra-special thing you'll do to make the occasion sparkle? We imagine one to-do on your list might be "make a time capsule." You might want to store a few mementos of your first 100 years to unearth and enjoy at some later date. A time capsule is packed full of history, meaning, and tales of bygone times.

JUST WHAT... Ventura intends to honor on the occasion of its City Hall's 100th birthday. There's a centennial-sweet street fair on the Fourth of July to highlight the 1913 landmark's birthday, and there are tours of an architectural, historic, and, yes, ghosty nature on July 4 and 25.

AND... there's the compiling of a time capsule, too. Make that three separate time capsules, which will buried alongside the U.S. Centennial capsule and the City of San Buenaventura Centennial capsule, both of which are nestled near the entrance to the building. But here's the best bit: If you have Ventura ties or connections to that area, the organizers need your help. They're asking if you have something for the capsule, from a personal message to a photo to a toy to, well, just about anything. The full list of items that will be considered has been pdf'd, so eye everything. Don't have anything for the Ventura time capsule? No worries. You can still join the community in wishing City Hall a fabulous 100th. It's a gorgeous building, too, right? A star among civic buildings, for sure.

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