Your Holiday Week Just Got Jawsier

An American classic screens ahead of Fourth of July.

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There are a thousand cinematic Christmas classics, and a dozen fine Thanksgiving farces, and Arbor Day? Well, movie studios, maybe you need to get moving on that one.

We're glad that the Fourth of July boasts a goodly number of patriotic, summertime flicks. "Yankee Doodle Dandy" is way up there for us -- James Cagney and flags and family -- and so is "1776."

But it is around this time of year we see "Jaws" popping up more and more, and that feels right, too. After all, families are often on vacation around the Fourth, and often somewhere beachy, and "Jaws" takes place adjacent to a beach.

Spoiler alert?

The 1975 film is sweeping, scary, summertime classic, and American Cinematheque is screening it at the Egyptian on Thursday, July 1. And, like every time we talk about "Jaws," and like every time anybody talks about "Jaws," we are powerless before its most famous quote. So, before we end this, here it goes:

"You're going to need a bigger boat."


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