Your Own Hotel for New Year's Eve

San Francisco's Hotel Palomar can be all yours for a night. Really.

HOTEL MOGUL FOR A NIGHT: Having your very own hotel just for you and 300 of your besties sounds like the pitch for the year's mega comedy hit (we're picturing wacky guests swinging from a chandelier on the poster). And though it sounds comical and a mite zany, hotels do, from time to time, turn over the keys -- all the keys -- to one individual and his or her posse. Kimpton's Hotel Palomar in San Francisco is partnering with Chad Jackson of Bravo TV's "Flipping Out" to do just that, and not just on any night, but New Year's Eve (that's Monday, Dec. 31 this year, if you don't have a calendar handy). And not just for any price, but, wait for it, a million dollars. That million dollars is "all-inclusive," so there is that, and if you're concerned that "all-inclusive" translates into free tiny soaps to take home, think again.

TWO PACKAGES: There are two deals for the million-dollar, New Year's Eve Hotel Palomar package. They share some things in common, like a five-course, uber posh VIP dinner for 50 people at the hotel's Fifth Floor Restaurant with fancy wine pairings to boot. There's also a New Year's Day brunch for 150 people, complete with three seatings. And lots of other extras. This is a million dollars we're talking about here, so the list of benefits is lengthy and colorful. (Think a hair-and-make-up style suite, a whiskey lounge, and more.)

QUESTIONS: There are 150 rooms in the Palomar, meaning that 300 of your pals can be on your invite list. You'll also want to book by Dec. 5 if you're interested; given the unusual nature of the booking, the hotel needs about a month to prepare.

Could this be the mega family reunion of your lifetime? Could you treat a bunch of people you love who deserve something fabulous? And what will be the ground rules for taking over an entire hotel for a night? 

Us? We'd probably make everyone wear their pajamas from check-in to check-out. Hotel Palomar, surely you're okay with this, yes? We promise *not* to swing from the chandeliers, though. Honest.

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