Your Own Park Plaza Parade

DJs, your fancy self, and that cinematic staircase.


Somewhere in the city someone is working on his or her West Hollywood Halloween get-up as you read this, if you're reading this just ahead of Halloween 2010.

Count on it. Multiple people. A vacation or personal day was asked for and granted. There've been multiple trips to the make-up counter or mask shop. And the feathers? Feathers everywhere.

And while just trying your outlandish outfit out on Santa Monica Boulevard for this first time on Halloween night is a-okay, you want a night to try it out first. Here's your night: Saturday, Oct. 30. Here's your place: The Park Plaza. And here's your event: KCRW's Halloween Costume Ball.

Now, we're not saying the famous KCRW Masquerade exists simply as a place for people to tryout those West Hollywood costumes. Au contraire. With some 14 DJs and four stages and five themed spaces and all the crackling performance and glamor that KCRW brings, it has its own separate cachet and zing. It's major major, in a city of major. Right? You get us.

Plus, the Park Plaza. Don't you want to take the train of your big ball gown down those steps, steps that have been seen in everything from "The Prestige" to "Wild at Heart"?

You do.

A ticket is $75, but $80 at the event. You built a little pocket for cash into your angel-butterfly-lizard-man costume, we hope? Always a little pocket for cash and keys. Just a tip.

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