Your Personal Fireworks Calendar

There are still oohs and aahs to be had at the Bowl.

Fred George

Seems like we all have multiple calendars going. Didn't people used to have one calendar where all dates lived? Easier. Miss those times. Never lived in those times.

But as long as we all have 22 calendars covering appointments and job stuff and social outings, we'll add one more: fireworks at the Bowl. We kind of sort of keep a Bowl fireworks calendar, just because, it makes all of the more desultory things on our list look a smidge less desultory-ish and a lot more fabulous-ish.

And even though it is mid-August, there are still a few sky shows to go at the Hollywood Bowl. Like: The Tchaikovsky nights on Friday, Aug. 20 and Saturday, Aug. 21. Fireworks. Big ones. And the Pink Martini weekend, which is happening on Friday, Sept. 10 and Saturday, Sept. 11.

Call it the Fourth of July all summer long. Packing a picnic of hot dogs and corn is up to you.

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