Your Valentine's Castle

The Mission Inn has a fantasy romance package on for Hearts Day.

MAYBE IT IS JUST US... But every time we see a photo of the Mission Inn -- like the one above -- we stop and think, "what the? What's that castle doing in California, a place not known for castles?" (Props, Hearst Castle, we're not including you in that thinking.) But, are you with us? Even if you've been to the Mission Inn, multiple times, and even if you know your Riverside, the hotel's turrets and spiral staircases still catch one. Which means one thing: The hotel gets humming around Valentine's Day. Well, the hotel is pretty humming around the holidays, too, it is true; putting up over three million lights will do that. But come Valentine's Day? When people are looking for something storybook-y? Yeah. It's about the MI. And the MI has a bevy of rose-sweet packages on...

STARTING WITH: Mission for Romance. There's a "Fantasy Suite" and rose petals and bubbly and cupcakes and the whole nine yards of Valentine-Day-dom, which is never not welcome. (If most people paused and thought about it, they may realize they've never gone five yards for their special someone, much less the whole nine.) There are lots of other fancy touches with that one, and it is $1529, all-inclusive. But The Sweet Escape and Be My Valentine and several other deals would work, too, in the romance-firing-up department. Have a look and, whatever you do, do not tell your honeypie she/he is headed for a castle without leaving California. Surprises and all.

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