Your Weekend’s Got a Hitch

Both American Cinematheque and Cinespia will be screening the classics.

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Let people say what they will about our city (it's often good, and when it is not, well, those people just need to come out here and see what areas of their thinking could use rethinking).

But what we're about to say is a totally true statement: Los Angeles is the kind of city where a movie that's over a half century old can play twice, over the same weekend, on the big screen, in two different locations.

That's pretty braggable, right? It's saying two things -- we in LA loves movies (shocker, world, we know). And the second thing is that our big city may take an hour-plus to get across, or more, but that's because we've got so many venues doing so many interesting things.

Remember that next time you've driving for an hour. More venues, more good stuff.

Okay, that's our piece. Now, the movie. It's "Vertigo," it's playing at Cinespia at Hollywood Forever on Saturday, May 28 and The Egyptian on Sunday, May 29. The Egyptian is playing other Hitchcockian delights during the weekend, too. "To Catch a Thief"? "Notorious"? If you're not an ice blond you may want pull out the dye, at least for the weekend.

Or at least the cravat square Cary Grant sports during the driving scene in "To Catch a Thief." Could summer 2011 see the return of the cravat square? Each year we wait, and each year we're disappointed. Please, gentlemen of Los Angeles, be sartorially bolder in items-worn-dashingly-about-the-neck department. Thank you.

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