Your World Cup Finals Date

Where will you watch the last game?

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World Cup is winding down, hard to believe, and it feels like everyone spent a good portion of the Fourth of July weekend making July 11 plans.

In other words, what massive television will they be watching the title match on, and what appropriate snackage/drinkage will they procure?

If you've found your bar, the one with the perfect soccer-watching vibe, yay. If you haven't, the Paley Center for Media might be the spot you've been wanting but not knowing where to find. The Center has been screening the games for free since the first kick-off, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that they're doing it up for the final day. But, nice thing is it'll still be a free event, and there will be snackage/drinkage available.

Plus "spirited rivalry." That's the desirable element X in any game-watching situation, right? 

The date's Sunday, July 11, time is 11:30 a.m., but reservations are essential.

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