Zachary Quinto Saves the Arcades

Did you practically grow up in front of Space Invaders or Pac Man? Or is the stand-up, enter-your-initials-at-the-end video game a neon slice of '80s nostalgia you've only recently taken a shine to? Your experience of old-school games and knowledge of the storefronts that once housed them can really have started anywhere. But now we're all in the same place: a world where the arcade is disappearing faster than asteroids in front of a twirling ship.

Which is why we were delighted to see Zachary Quinto recently turn up at a Glendale arcade in support of the STRIDE campaign to Save the Arcades. While Mr. Quinto -- sans Spock ears -- which we're the tiniest bit sad about -- okay, we're over it -- played a few games at Video West Arcade, people learned more of the gum company's deal.

We'll be briefer than a little frog's dash across a busy highway. So brief: Arcade aficionados are asked to head for the STRIDE site, play an online game called Zapataur, and help raise $25,000 for one of four arcades chosen to participate in the Save the Arcades push. It is on now and goes, with warp speed, through October 6th. Details here.

Done. And we don't even have to call our parents for a ride, or beg our brother for more quarters. Three more quarters. Two more quarters. We'll clean your room. For, like, a year. pleeease...

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