‘Charming' Man Accused of Scamming Women Through Dating App

One victim says he bought her a ticket for a flight from Phoenix to LA. The surprises began at the airport

Detectives on Thursday sought the public's help in locating victims of a dating scam after a 37-year-old man was arrested in an investigation involving dozens of victims.

Wilson Edward Jackson was arrested Thursday on multiple felony charges according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Jackson is believed to be connected to numerous identity theft, forgery, and grand theft cases in and out of state for several years, officials said.

He allegedly targeted single women through social media and online while seeking a dating relationship.

He'd claim he was having issues with his bank or that his car was impounded with his wallet inside and ask for a loan but promise to repay his victims in cash. Instead, he'd give them checks written on closed personal bank accounts, police said.

One of his victims is Acacia Oudinot. 

"He was very charming, he's a good looking guy."

Oudinot said he bought a plane ticket for her to fly from Phoenix to Los Angeles for one night. However, when she arrived at the airport, her ticket was no longer valid.

Oudinot said she got a text with his photo claiming he was at the bank, trying to figure out why his credit card wasn't working.

"I ended up paying for my ticket out there, with the promise that he would pay me back."

He allegedly stole his victims' credit card information and checks from their checkbooks while they slept or used the restroom at his Woodland Hills apartment, authorities said.

He allegedly used their stolen information to buy clothes, pay bills, or make travel arrangements for other victims of his scam, officials said.

"One of the charges on my credit card was for an airline ticket for a woman from Texas who flew out two days after me," Oudinot said.

Jackson was arrested by surprise by LAPD officers when he showed up to court for another matter. His bail was posted at $300,000.

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