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11 Unexpected Jobs That Pay $100K or More: Glassdoor

Dentist and airline pilot are just two that made this list, compiled by user-submitted salary reports.

If you think about high-paying professions, doctor or lawyer likely spring to mind. However, Glassdoor has compiled a list of jobs out there that aren’t so familiar. In its new study, the company found 11 unusual jobs that pay a pretty penny.

What’s more, many of these jobs are available in the Los Angeles area. Here’s just a couple jobs that made the list:

  • Regional Sales Executive. Though sitting at a desk all day may sound boring, making money isn’t. Regional sales executive is a job with a lot of openings in the area, and comes with a large salary: the base income runs at $103,500. In some cases, a college degree isn’t even necessary.
  • Reservoir Engineer. Taking care of Los Angeles’ 22 reservoirs in the middle of a drought is no easy feat, but it pays well. The average salary for a reservoir engineer is $143,000 a year.
  • Geophysicist. Love rocks? Glassdoor says you can earn around $109,864 a year working as a geophysicist. With all the mountains scattered throughout the Los Angeles area, this job is in high demand.

For the complete list of odd jobs, visit Glassdoor’s site here.

This report was based on salary reports voluntarily submitted by U.S.-based users, taking into consideration base salary in addition to bonuses and compensation.

For a job to be considered for the list, it needed to have at least 60 submissions over the past two years that indicate a total compensation of $100,000 or more.

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