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$2 Million in Ecstasy Seized at OC Airport, Two Arrested

One of the people arrested has been identified as an aspiring model from Canada

A Canadian model was one of two people arrested at John Wayne Airport after a police search of a private plane found 90 pounds of powder ecstasy and over 50,000 pills of the rave drug, according to a court filing.

Krista Boseley, 30, was charged in a U.S. District Court with conspiracy to distribute the drugs, along with the plane's pilot, a 61-year-old Canadian named Gilles Lapointe.

The pair were arrested the evening of Oct. 9 after they got out of their plane and agreed to a search by plainclothes cops, according to the court complaint. They told officers they'd flown from Las Vegas to Santa Ana.

The street value of the drugs the officers found is about $2 million, according to Lt. Jeff Hallock, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff, who said between 50,000 and 100,000 pills were found on the plane, along with 35-50 pounds of powder ecstasy.

Working off a tip, the officer said in the complaint they approached the defendants in plain clothes, identified themselves and asked to search them and their vehicles. The officers found the drugs in luggage on the plane and in a rental car at the terminal, along with thousands of dollars in cash and an anti-tracking device.

Boseley and Lapointe told officers they were flying from Las Vegas, and that the money they were found with -- over $30,000, by Boseley's account -- came from winning at casinos, the complaint said.

The officers were working for a Homeland Security task force that investigates smuggling, human trafficking and money laundering. Boseley and Lapointe consented to the search, according to the officer.

Boseley was identified as an aspiring a model by The Smoking Gun, the website that first posted the story. Boseley has a personal profile on that matches a number of details listed in the complaint.

She told police she didn't know anything about the drugs, but was arrested with $40,000 on her in 2013 by officers from the Los Angeles Police Department, according to the court complaint. Boseley's lawyer declined to comment on the case.

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