29-Pound Cat Named Chubbs Will Officially Be Up for Adoption

The sizable Himalayan that has stolen hearts will be available for adoption Wednesday at noon on a first-come basis.  

Chubbs is 29 pounds of love and is looking for a home. Pasadena Humane Society was unable to locate the hefty feline's owner after he was discovered wandering the streets.

Veterinarians advise that though he is adorable, Chubbs is in need of sizable care. 

"Obese cats are more likely to suffer from health issues like heart disease, diabetes and thyroid issues," the shelter said. 

Once Chubbs is adopted, he will be in need of further medical testing for diabetes and a healthy eating plan administered by a veterinarian.  

If Chubbs will make a good addition in your family, visit the Pasadena Humane Shelter at 361 S. Raymond Avenue. 

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