4 Arrested in Thefts of 17 iPads From Target

Four people accused of stealing 17 iPads after asking a Target store employee to open a locked display case were arrested Wednesday, police said.

Three of the thieves entered a Target store at the Irvine Spectrum and talked to a salesperson about iPads. When the salesperson opened the case, the suspects took 17 iPads and fled through the emergency exit door. The suspects were driven away from the scene in a vehicle waiting outside, according to a news release.

IPD obtained surveillance video and witness descriptions of the thieves and the getaway vehicle. They were arrested Wednesday outside of a Best Buy in Moreno Valley inside the same getaway vehicle, police said.

The suspects have allegedly committed 20 similar crimes throughout the state, and more than a dozen comes in Oregon and Washington, according to the police statement. The suspects have allegedly stolen iPads from Best Buy, Target, and Walmart stores.

They are being held without bail. Details regarding a court date were not immediately available.

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