4 Our Heroes: Detective Solves Case of Missing Baseball Glove

The theft of a glove won't normally make headlines or garner a ton of police investigative time, but when a dogged detective found a special edition Derek Jeter glove left behind at a local Ralphs and returned it to its rightful owner, the family was incredulous.

Glendale Community College baseball short stop Troy Viola would never play a game without his favorite glove, who got it from his father, but he left it at a Ralphs at a checkout counter.

"We are one, me and my glove are one," Viola said.

When he and his mother went back into the store, the glove was gone. Store surveillance gave the detective a clue and the glove was found.

"They called me the next morning and they said it's the guys right behind him in line," Mandy Cary, Troy's mother, said.

Cary enlisted the help of the sheriff's department.

Detective Rodger Burt took on the task, and after four search warrants, he was able to locate and return the glove.

"I almost gave up after about two but I thought to myself, 'nah, I gotta get this kid's glove back,'" Burt said.

Cary added: "When he called and said he actually got it I literally screamed."

After being reunited with his prized glove, Troy learned a major lesson: "If you love something don't take your eyes off it."

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