5-Year-Old Boy Dressed in SWAT Uniform Visits Police Station

The boy who has a "fascination" with emergency responders "wanted to visit and meet a police officer."

A 5-year-old boy fascinated with emergency responders visited the Glendora Police Department on Wednesday, dressed from head-to-toe in a SWAT uniform complete with his own set of handcuffs. 

Myles Meeker and his mother showed up at the station because the boy "wanted to visit and meet a police officer." 

He has a fascination with emergency responders, his mother Jennifer Meeker said. 

Chief Tim Staab let the boy sit in his special chair. Staab gave him a "golden citizen token" and a tour of the station. 

Myles sat on a motorcycle, in the SWAT vehicle and a police cruiser, according to the Glendora Police Department. 

The boy, who just began transitional kindergarten, wanted to drive the police car, but he knew he had to wait until he turns 16, Meeker said. 

"This is what community service is all about," Myles' aunt Robyn Meeker said. 

The department "made a little boy's dream come true," she added.

Myles plans on joining the LAPD's junior cadets program when he is of age.

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