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More Closures on 60 Freeway as “60 Swarm” Project Continues

Westbound lanes will be closed between Riverside and Ontario through Sunday.

The westbound 60 Freeway between Riverside and Ontario will remain shut down Saturday and Sunday as part of a resurfacing project.

For the third consecutive weekend, a full closure of the westbound 60 got underway at 10 p.m. Friday between the 60/91/215 interchange in Riverside and Interstate 15 in Ontario, roughly 13 miles. The closure is not slated to be lifted until 5 a.m. Monday.

The 55-hour shutdown replicates what occurred over eight weekends on the eastbound side. Those closures started on July 26 and concluded Sept. 23.

During the previous two weekends, the westbound closure was lifted between Valley Way and I-15 because crews were mostly working on electrical projects and did not need lane closures to move heavy equipment, according to Caltrans spokeswoman Terri Kasinga.

This weekend, the full closure will be in effect because equipment will be on the move, agency spokeswoman Kimberly Cherry told City News Service.

She said the westbound closures will continue another five weekends, ending Nov. 18. However, work will be suspended for Veterans Day weekend, as it was paused to accommodate Labor Day weekend travel on the eastbound side.

The agency's objective is to have all the freeway closures finished by Thanksgiving.

Officials said the rehabilitation work, which entails replacing slabs of pavement, is moving twice as fast because of the partial closures, dubbed the "60 Swarm" in reference to multiple projects occurring over the next two years along the 60 freeway. Altogether, the swarm covers a 20-mile stretch, from Chino to downtown Riverside.

In addition to the shutdowns, intermittent and extended lane closures are occurring in the construction zone, between Euclid Avenue in Ontario and the 60/91/215. Portions of the Interstate 15/Route 60 interchange in Ontario are being periodically closed for the swarm, as well.

Single lane closures began 11 weeks ago in several locations and will wrap up in November 2021, when the $134 million pavement replacement project is slated to conclude, according to Caltrans.

The other part of the 60 Swarm is comprised of bridge replacements, costing $23 million. According to Caltrans, the Benson Avenue, Monte Vista Avenue and Pipeline Avenue overcrossings in Chino are all due to be razed and replaced with new spans. Alternating east- and westbound lane closures for the bridge work started 10 weeks ago.

Most of the overnight closures are occurring between Ramona Avenue and Reservoir Street in Chino.

Officials said the current bridges were constructed with dimensions that make them prone to being bumped by oversized truck loads. Over the years, the repeated minor hits have had a cumulative impact, requiring the two-lane bridges to be replaced.

More information is available at, or via the 60 Swarm hotline: 833-607-9276.

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