86-Year-Old Woman Pleading for Return of Stolen Wedding Ring

The LAPD is searching for two utility worker impostors who stole $4,000 worth of jewelry, including the wedding ring given to her by her late husband

An Angelino Heights woman is pleading for the return of her stolen wedding ring. The ring was taken Friday by two men who came to her home and posed as utility workers.

Aurora Ramirez, 86, believes she was targeted because of her age and because she lives alone.

On Friday morning, a man dressed in a white polo and jeans told her a water pipe broke up the hill and that he needed to check her water.

Ramirez said he was creating a distraction for another man.

"I think he gave him time to get in my house and get jewelry," she told NBC4.

Ramirez had no idea that a second person was burglarizing her home as she turned on her garden hose for a man posing as a utility worker.

"He was really, really nice," Ramirez said.

The man told her he needed to make sure her water wasn't contaminated and was gone within 5 minutes.

When she went back inside, she noticed her pillow case was missing along with $4,000 worth of jewelry -- including her wedding ring and her high school class ring.

"It's OK if they don't return the other rings," Ramirez said. "I just want the wedding set because I can't replace it."

Ramirez's daughter Cindy says it means so much to their family because her dad passed away five years ago.

The pair were married for 50 years, she said.

"Those rings are the most important thing she has left of my father."

Ramirez is now making sure her gate is locked at all times after falling victim to those she thought were there to help.

Police say if a utility worker comes to your door when you didn't request the service to ask for some form of ID and to call the agency to verify that the person is supposed to be there.

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