9-Year-Old Selling Lemonade to Pay for Rent Inspires Community

Jonathan's mom lost her job and he started selling lemonade to help make ends meet.

A 9-year-old Oxnard boy whose single mother lost a job and struggles to pay rent has come up with a creative way to help get her out of the bind -- a lemonade stand.

Jonathan Lemus, an only child, said he set up the stand in Oxnard to help his mother pay rent and bills. In the four days he was out last week he said he sold over 100 cups a day at .25 cents a cup.

"My mom lost her job, so I decided to sell lemonade," said Jonathan."I want to help inspire more people to help their parents because they give them everything."

The story came to light when an Oxnard resident Pattie Prado Morales saw the good deed, snapped a picture, and posted it on Facebook, which garnered 2,300 likes as of Monday morning.

Morales said she was overwhelmed at the response.

"We are so excited for Jonathan and his family," said Morales in an interview. "I hope he met his goal of helping his mom."

Some were inspired to check it out.

Jose L. Rodriguez Romo said that even though he is broke he would stop by.

"Good job buddy," he wrote on Facebook.

At one point he was selling horchata.

"Bomb horchata and great customer service," Valerie Sepulveda wrote.

Mom, Angela Villa, is proud.

"I'm happy for him," she said in Spanish.

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