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National Cheese Pizza Day: It's Happening

No need to fancy up your pie for this gooey occasion.



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    Cheese Pizza
    No need to fancy up your pie for this gooey occasion. The date? Monday, Sept. 5.

    Some people gaze upon a straight-from-the-oven pizza pie and think "why doesn't that pepperoni olive ham onion tomato mushroom pizza have more toppings?"

    While others see the loaded disc and think "I can't see the cheese."

    If you're the sort of snacker who prefers his pizza without a bundle of add-ons obscuring the layer of mozzarella separating the sauce from the surface, then take gooey, happy heart in the fact that Monday, Sept. 5 is National Cheese Pizza Day.

    As if we needed one more sign that pizza is everyone's favorite dish, its national holidays are broken down by types and not simply an all-encompassing "National Pizza Day" (though, of course, there is such a date on the food calendar, too).

    So, cheesy pie people, how will you honor the keep-those-toppings-away occasion?

    A straight-up at home cheddar, sauce, and dough creation is easy enough to make, and many a shopper has the foresight to keep these essentials on hand. (And it doesn't even have to be dough, as an English muffin or tortilla nicely does in a pinch.)

    If you make a beeline for some restaurant 'za on Sept. 5 — and, yes, you're allowed to say "'za" on pizza-based national holidays — consider a stop at Hungry Howie's, which has a special on for the special day: a 5-cent medium cheese pizza when the buyer purchases a large pizza with at least one topping. (In fact, this special is happening "all weekend long" at the Hungry Howie's restaurants.) 

    Could that topping be more cheese? Well, if cheese is your jam, then why not? It's also worth noting that your 5-cent special can also include a topping, if you don't want to go straight-up cheese. 

    But surely you will, if you're a cheese pizza person, because that's a pretty darn dedicated group. Do you pick the olives off your slice and donate them to a friend? Same with the pepperoni? Yeah, this is your holiday.

    If you happen to be a pepperoni-mad maven, hang tight: Sept. 20 is National Pepperoni Pizza Day. You know, of course, that Oct. 11 is National Sausage Pizza Day, and Nov. 12 is National Pizza with the Works (Except Anchovies) Day. 

    Truly, it is an icon among icons, pizza, to be bestowed with some many holiday variations on one gooey, savory, cheese-stringy theme.

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