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Community Comes Together to Battle SoCal Fires

As the fires burn Southern California, a salute goes out to the men and women whose job it is to protect us from the threat of raging wildfires.

Many in the community are grateful for the emergency responders, firefighters, police officers, medical responders and members of the community who have helped each other.

Military members are offering their support and services in battling the flames.

"We're out here to help," said Major Todd Morgan of the Channel Islands Air National Guard. "Every little bit helps, whether you have a guy on the ground cutting a line or a bulldozer hitting their lines or you have the C130 or other mass and retardant units dropping their lines."

Volunteers have come out, providing resources for the many individuals and families who have been affected or displaced from their homes.

"There's clothes, there's food. A lot of people have been coming in who have lost their homes," said Nancy Singleman, a Red Cross volunteer. "We are giving out hugs."

Others are also lending a hand and doing what they can, like resident Kobi Boysen, who saved and evacuated a cat from the Thomas Fire.

"I found a little kitty over there and I'm not sure who she belongs to," Boysen said. "But she doesn't seem hurt, I don't think. She was just calling out, looking for help."

Those on the front lines are out sacrificing everything, like Ventura County firefighter Tom Lansky. Lanksy had his own home of 16 years burned down in Santa Paula while he was out working to save others, though luckily, firefighters were able to salvage the important things.

"They were able to save and pack up a lot of the memories," Lanksy said. "We lost a lot, but I feel fortunate in what we were able to save."

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