A Food Program Helping People With Disabilities is Running Out of Money. Here's How to Help

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A program that provides food to people with disabilities in Los Angeles ansd LA County is in danger of running out of funds just as coronavirus cases surge.

The Los Angeles Department on Disability launched its first ever meal delivery program for the disabled in April, and it now serves 3,000 people a day.

"We recognized through COVID-19 that people with disabilities were really, really desperately in need of food services," executive director Stephan Simon said.

But now, there is only enough funding left to provide meals for two weeks.

"We do need dollars. I have to admit that," Simon said.

They need more personal protection equipment for volunteers, as well as food and transportation.

"We could use additional food donors who have commercial kitchen who could provide longer term meals for people with disabilities and we need drivers and a food delivery system to be able to deliver all across Los Angeles," Simon said.

Right now, the program relies on department of transportation bus drivers and the access para transit program. But those drivers will be going back to work, serving the one to two million estimated people with disabilities living in LA County. Forty percent say they experience food insecurity.

"They have reported hunger in their households and we have to change that," Simon said.

With help, the city's Department on Disabilities is hoping to keep the program up and running for months, if not permanently.

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