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Alhambra Burglar Pursuit Ends in East LA Crash

An Alhambra break-in turned into a police pursuit that ended in a crash Wednesday after a resident received an alert on her phone notifying her that someone was at her home.

Alhambra police began pursuing three burglars throughout the East Los Angeles area after a trio broke into a home at 10:40 a.m.

The homeowner received an alert through her cellphone notifying her of the break-in. She then watched the burglars rummage through the house on her phone, prompting her to call police.

"(The homeowner) was not home at the time," Alhambra Sgt. Jerry Johnson said. "She was watching on close circuit camera on her cellphone."

A second burglary about a mile away, suspected to involve the same woman and two men, is what led to the pursuit.

"About an hour later these same suspects started casing a home on Parkview Drive, also in Alhambra," Johnson said. "The homeowners there were home and called us."

The three took off in a sedan, traveling southbound on the 710 Freeway before exiting into a residential neighborhood in East LA.

The woman behind the wheel crashed blocks away from Humphreys Avenue Elementary School, prompting a brief lockdown. 

"The female was apprehended very quickly but two males did get away," Johnson said.

Police searched the neighborhood and didn't find the men, but had surveillance video and descriptions of the outstanding burglars. 

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