Alleged Thief Steals Hoverboards from Family-Owned Toy Store

The owners of a family toy store in Monrovia are hoping authorities catch an alleged thief seen on camera stealing Hoverboards.

The alleged thief walked into The Dollmakers' Kattywompus at 412 S. Myrtle Avenue around 9 p.m. Monday and started a conversation about hoverboards with the owner's sister, said owner Jennifer Ranger.

"Very talkative and friendly, then all of a sudden, no warning, he grabs two Hoverboards, says 'sorry,' and runs out the door and down the street," Ranger said in an email to NBC4.

Ranger posted a video showing surveillance footage of the alleged robbery on YouTube.

The family filed a police report with Monrovia Police Department on the night of the alleged theft.

"We really want to catch this thief," she said.

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