‘I Whacked Him': Neighbor With Baseball Bat Stops Stabbing Attack That Left Four in Critical Condition

Two men and two women are in critical condition after a family dispute led to a stabbing in Anaheim, according to police.

The attack was stopped when a neighbor used a baseball bat to strike the assailant, who was armed with knives, police said. 

A family argument led to the stabbing Tuesday morning in the 100 block of West Bluebell Avenue, investigators said. Four victims were hospitalized in critical condition and 20-year-old Gino Fuentes was taken into custody.

Police said they started getting 911 calls around 11 a.m., when a scuffle broke out between members of one family and a male nephew.

Neighbor Manuel Gonzalez said he heard the father calling for help and rushed out, baseball bat in hand, to find two men fighting. One of them had already stabbed a woman.

"I whacked him with the bat," Gonzalez said. "I hit him hard and it seemed like it didn't phase him...Once I saw that, I was like, 'He's high or something.'"

After hitting the suspect with the bat, and a crowbar, the assailant finally stopped his attack. He was arrested after running from the scene.

Blood was splattered on a driveway in front of the home. 

There is no further threat to the safety of residents in the neighborhood, police said.

Fuentes was booked on suspicion of four counts of attempted murder.

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