Animal Control Officer Investigated Over Gruesome Instagram Photos

Employee placed on leave during investigation

A Los Angeles County animal control officer was placed on leave after allegedly posting graphic photos of animals on his Instagram account.

Some of the explicit photos showed burned dogs, charred roosters, and animal extremities ripped apart. Many of the photos, which were posted within the past several weeks, reportedly went viral.

Animal control officials said they were not sure why the officer posted the graphic photos to his account.

Ryan Drabek, a spokesperson for the South Los Angeles Animal Care Operations, said his entire department was shocked by the photos.

"When we found out, we were shocked and appalled by the incident," he said.

The officer, who was not identified, worked at an animal control facility in Downey.

It was not clear where the photos of the injured animals were taken, but it was believed the photos were taken in somewhere near the facility.

The animal control officer was on leave while the animal control officials continue their investigation.

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