Caught on Video: Another Popeyes Brawl in Temecula Drive-Thru

Two couples came to blows at a drive-thru in Temecula in yet another fight over Popeyes chicken.

This chaotic scene captured on Friday night quickly escalated after over an hour wait in line.

"Everybody started fighting. And they all fell down and the big man was trying to get at him. It was just, it was a free for all," Gigi M. Drummond, the unsuspecting drive-thru patron who recorded the video, said.

As the line crept on, tempers flared in the white vehicle when the driver said his order was wrong.

When the attendant asked him to go inside, he refused.

The woman behind him honked her horn, and the argument escalated when both parties stepped out of their vehicles.

It took police to break up the brawl, though no arrests were made.

Recent fights, some even ending in murder, over the famed Popeyes chicken sandwich re-released on Nov. 3 have gone viral on social media with similar stories and videos. 

For Drummond, deciding to get a chicken sandwich for her son ended in front row seats to "Saturday Night Fights," she said in a Facebook post.

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