Arcadia Denny's Windmill Blades Fall Onto Restaurant Roof

The blades of a towering windmill incorporated into the design of an Arcadia Denny's restaurant fell Friday onto the roof of the building.

No injuries were reported. NBC4 is attempting to gather details about how the blades detached and fell onto the circular building at the corner of Huntington Drive and Santa Anita Avenue.

Fire department personnel responded to the restaurant at about 8 a.m. The blade damaged the structure and caused minor flooding inside the restaurant, according to the fire department. 

The business remained closed early Friday afternoon. 

The windmill was designed for a Van de Kamp's Holland Dutch Bakery’s coffee shop franchise, which opened at the location in 1967, according to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. Denny's later purchased the site in the late 1980s and the windmill began spinning again last year afer it was refurbished. 

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