Rescuers on Goose Chase for Bird With Arrow in Neck

An Egyptian goose with an arrow piercing through its neck was the focus of animal control officials who were trying to rescue the bird in an Anaheim Hills neighborhood Tuesday.

First spotted at a golf course last week in Anaheim, the goose migrated to a riverbed along the 91 Freeway. Workers at a nearby car wash and other people in the area said they’ve seen the goose at sunrise and sunset near the water.

It survived this long with an arrow lodged in its neck because the projectile didn’t hit any of its vital organs, animal control officials said. The goose is also still flying.

So far, the goose has evaded animal control officials and seems to know to hide when they arrive, they said.

Animal control officials planned to head back to the riverbed Wednesday morning and attempt to seize the goose before getting it treatment for the lodged arrow as concerns grows that the goose could somehow hurt itself given how large and cumbersome the object is.

There is also concern that it is living with an open wound.

"There is a chance of infection," said Lt. Brian Frick of Orange County Animal Control.

The goose does not seem to like the uniforms of the animal control officers or the net they have been trying to use to catch it. They plan to return in plain clothes.

The goose has taken to employees at a nearby car wash.

"Did it seem tired? Yes. Very bad," said Abondio Martinez. He said the goose initially came to him when they tried to entice it with bread crumbs.

Animal control officers said its possible the goose was a pet, as it is not native to this area.

Bikers who are aware of the goose's plight were appalled that someone could hurt the animal.

"I was outraged. What kind of a person would do that? It's outrageous!" said biker John Ritchie, who was riding near the riverbed.

Another biker echoed his sentiment.

"It's sad, really," said Glenn Rolbiecki. "How it happened, nobody knows."

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