Artificial Grass Stolen from San Pedro Lawn

Alicia Cullen woke up Wednesday to a perplexing discovery. Overnight half her artificial lawn had been stolen.

The thief picked up the stakes holding the lawn in place and yanked it up leaving Cullen with half a patch of green and half a patch of brown dirt in the front yard of her San Pedro home.

"How far can someone go in this town by stealing grass?" Cullen said, laughing.

Cullen’s neighbors agree the crime is "ridiculous." One person on Facebook told Cullen of a hose that was stolen, joking that if it was the same culprit at least the person would have something to water.

Jokes aside, Cullen said she remains concerned.

"Last night we couldn't even sleep because I thought they would come back and get the other half," she said.

Artificial grass is expensive, she added, estimating that the patch stolen costs between $1000 and $1500.

A watch commander for the Harbor Police division told NBC4 that Cullen filed a police report and that in his 27 years on the force he had never see a crime quite like this.

Cullen hopes to catch the thief but said no matter what, the thief will get what’s coming.

"Karma… what comes around goes around," she said.

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