Possibly Armed Man Barricades Himself in Atwater Village Home

Authorities have evacuated residents living in surrounding homes as a precaution.

A possibly armed man barricaded himself in an Atwater Village residence overnight Monday.

Los Angeles Police Department responded to a family dispute around 10 p.m. in the 3000 block of Silver Lake Boulevard.

Authorities were able to locate a man who is believed to have threatened or injured his mother, according to Sgt. Teresa Anderson of the LAPD Northeast Division.

Officials were able to safely remove the mother from the home, but the man refused to exit.

In an effort to calm her son down and have him exit peacefully, the man's mother sang to him. 

SWAT teams arrived to assist LAPD but have since cleared the area. 

Residents who were evacuated as a precaution have been cleared to return to their homes. 

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