Son Arrested in San Juan Capistrano Double Homicide

Authorities arrested a 19-year-old son suspected of killing his parents at a mansion in an upscale Orange County neighborhood last month, according to law enforcement sources.

Bradford Hans Sachs, 57, and Andra Resa Sachs, 54, were found dead inside their San Juan Capistrano home on Feb. 9. The couple died of gunshot wounds, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Ashton Sachs, 19, was detained by authorities Thursday in the San Diego area, where he was staying with family.  Sheriff's officials interviewed him "at length" before he was taken into custody.

"It became clear that Ashton Sachs was our suspect," said case investigator Justin Montano. "We belive that he is our only suspect."

Authorities confirmed that only one weapon was used and several shots were fired. Details on where the weapon was found was not released.

Ashton Sachs was attending college in Washington since 2013, officials said.

Montano said investigators were still working to find a motive in the alleged homicide.

An unnamed 8-year-old son also suffered serious injuries in the incident when he was shot in the back, officials said.

Authorities said there was no sign of forced entry to the home, and that the deaths were not the result of a home invasion or robbery.

The couple were described by neighbors as being “the best family.” The Sachs had five children, including two teenage daughters who lived with them and another son in college.

The Sachs had a reputation for being well-known entrepreneurs in the county, and NBC4’s I-Team uncovered some business problems facing the couple. At least half a dozen liens against Andra Sachs were discovered going back to 1993. At one point, according to the claim, she owed more than $1 million.

The San Juan Capistrano neighborhood where the deaths occurred are made up of multi-million dollar homes and attracts homeowners looking for privacy and safety.

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