Baby's Skull Fractured, Family Dog Killed in South Pas SUV Hit-and-Run: Police

A baby's skull was fractured when a South Pasadena family was struck in a hit-and-run during an evening walk on Sunday, police said.

The family's dog was killed by a dark-colored SUV, which hit the family at about 7:30 p.m. as it turned south from Columbia Street to Orange Grove Avenue, according to a South Pasadena Police statement.

The driver apparently saw the family as they entered the intersection, then intially stopped after hitting them, police said.

"We hear this horrible thud noise, I turn and look and iI see a car racing down," said Rachel Emmons, who witnessed the crash. "What I remember the most is the screaming."

The four-month-old baby's skull was fractured and their mother's nose was broken as they were dragged about 10 feet, according to South Pasadena Police Chief Art Miller.

"At this point there seems to be some thought, forethought and afterthought, in this case,"  Miller said.

The mother and baby were sent to a local hospital, where they were being treated for their injuries but expected to recover, police said.

The father, 40, suffered minor injuries.

Police ask anyone with information that can help identify the driver to call 626-403-7280. Police expect the car will have tell-tale damage on its front.

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