Los Angeles

Small Child Rescued After Fire Near Downtown LA

A toddler suffering seizures was rescued by firefighters and paramedics at the scene of a fire Monday.

A structure fire in on the 1000 block of W. Wilshire Boulevard, near the Financial District in downtown Los Angeles, resulted in firefighters responding to the scene and putting out the blaze in a trash chute in approximately 15 minutes.

While firefighters stayed on scene to deal with the smoke, a woman emerged holding a baby that was apparently suffering seizures. Thankfully, firefighters and paramedics on the scene were able to assist immediately.

The harrowing scene was caught on film, as the young boy is carried out of the building by what appears to be his worried mother and what appears to be a distressed father.

Firefighters proceeded to strip the baby down and attend to the child on a city bench before loading him into the ambulance.

Authorities said the child is expected to be ok.

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