Los Angeles

Women Aid Frantic Mother Who Accidentally Locked Baby Inside Hot Car

The mother was distraught -- crying, screaming and hitting the window.

Two city workers quickly rushed to aid a frantic mother after she accidentally locked her baby inside her car on an extremely hot day in Los Angeles.

Judi Gregory and Caroline Orija were visiting customers as part of a new city recycling program for downtown Los Angeles when suddenly a woman came down the alleyway, screaming.

"Screaming, 'Help me, help me! My baby, my baby!'" Judi recalled.

Caroline and Judi ran toward the frantic mother and immediately called 911.

The mother had accidentally locked her keys, along with her baby in her car parked near 5th and Hill streets.

"As she was getting out of the car, she didn't realize her keys had fallen out of her pocket and she shut the door to go around to get her baby," Judi said.

The day's temperature hovered at 100 degrees.

"The baby was stuck in there right with the sun hitting down on the car," Caroline said.

The mother was distraught -- crying, screaming and hitting the window. A crowd of spectators gathered around the scene, making it difficult for rescuers to get through.

Caroline and Judi jumped in to direct traffic and kept the crowd back, so police could break the car window.

"(The officer) grabbed his baton and it took probably 20 swings," Judi said.

And then the baby was out. She was dripping with sweat.

"The mother was so relieved. She didn't care about the car, her cellphone, she just wanted to get her baby back," Caroline said.

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