Bear Turns Up at Metrolink Stop in Pomona

A 450-pound bear wandered far away from home Thursday morning, turning up at a Metrolink stop in Pomona.

He was also spotted at the Pomona Fairplex about three miles away. Both locations are about six to eight miles away from the closest habitat for a bear and south of the 210 Freeway, Department of Fish and Wildlife officials said. The bear would have had to cross the freeway to make it there.

Bear experts say that the search for food likely caused the bear to come down so far.

The bear was tranquilized and and transported to nearby wilderness by the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Jessica Bisuano, who shot a video of the bear, said she wasn't worried by the sighting.

"As I was parking in my usual spot I realized there was this big black bear right in front of me over the fence," Bisuano said. "I thought he looked really cute."

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