Bees Attack Two Women in Their 70s on Golf Course

Two women in their 70s were swarmed by bees and stung more than 100 times on an Orange County golf course Tuesday morning, sending them to both the hospital.

When authorities arrived, the women’s heads were "covered in bees" on the Laguna Woods Golf Course.

They were desperately trying to help each other, according to Steve Concialdi of the Orange County Fire Authority.

"When we started taking her shirt off there were still bees coming on the gurney," Concialdi said.

Bees stung a 72-year-old woman 15 times.

When her 74-year-old friend came to the rescue to help bat away the bees, she faired far worse.

“She had a swarm around her and her friend went to help her
swatting away the bees trying to get the bees out -- when she started doing that she was stung more than 100 times,” Concialdi said.

Authorities said a lawnmower may have disturbed the hive near the 12th hole of the course.

As it turned out, credit cards were the key to helping the women.

“We just scrape, and the card goes into the skin,” Concialdi said. “You just scrape along here and it takes out the stinger. We did that on her arms, her back and her head.”

Signs were posted as warning on the course following the attack, but other golfers didn’t seem fazed.

“We’re going to have a great time,” said Monty Feyen, who was golfing later Tuesday. “We’ll be ready to jump into that pool wherever we can find one.”

Authorities said the best thing to do when bees attack is run.  

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