Beeping Egg Hunt Provides Easter Fun for Visually-Impaired Kids

An Easter egg hunt is one of most anticipated activities for kids every year. With the help of a little technology and a whole lot of cleverness, a group of blind and visually-impaired children got the chance to join in on the tradition.

The Blind Children's Center in Hollywood held an Easter egg hunt featuring sound-emitting eggs to help students locate them. The center has held similar hunts for the past 30 years. The idea was first developed at the center by volunteers from the AT&T pioneer press.

Each class, with students ranging from preschool to 2nd grade, was assisted by teachers and volunteers as they searched through various areas of the center for the eggs, which give off a pulsing high-pitched beeping sound. The Easter bunny was also on hand to add extra holiday spirit.

Over the years, the center's clever idea has spread to schools and organizations across the country, allowing visually-impaired kids across the county to be fully included in Easter traditions.

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