Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Bans Motorized Scooters for Six Months

Beverly Hills Police will enforce a zero-tolerance policy on motorized scooters for the next six months.

Birds will no longer fly in Beverly Hills.

In a special meeting Tuesday night, the Beverly Hills City Council voted, 4-1, to pass an ordinance that effectively outlawed motorizes scooter, including Bird-brand scooters, in the city's limits. 

Police will enforce a zero tolerance policy on "shared mobility devices" for the next six months. A press release issued by Kieth Sterling, Public Information Manager for the city of Beverly Hills, stated that the Beverly Hills Police Department has seen a dramatic increase in the use of the popular motorized scooters recently, and officers have been issuing citations related to riders without helmets, driving on sidewalks in a business district and not possessing a valid driver's license.

In general, the motorized scooters had seemingly become a public nuisance enough for the city council to ban them. The new zero tolerance policy will include impounding devices, along with issuing citations that include fines. The ordinance does not allow the mobility devices from being placed in any public right-of-way or on public property, along with being illegal to ride in public places.

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