Tony Shin

Big Rig Driver Flees After Causing Violent Wrong-Way Crash

"He just left and he's just living his life when he changed our lives."

Three people were seriously injured after a big rig caused a violent crash, then fled the scene.

Investigators are still trying to identify the driver of the truck that slammed into the rear end of a Chevrolet Cobalt and sent it hurtling into oncoming traffic on Mountain View Avenue in Loma Linda on August 14.

"It sounded like someone took a baseball bat 100 feet long and hit the side of your car with it. It was such a loud noise," said Michael Flannery, whose BMW was struck by the oncoming Chevrolet and was sent careening into a light pole.

Flannery's girlfriend, Erika Zarate, was in the passenger seat and when he looked at her, he thought she was dead. "She had blood coming out of her mouth, she looked unconscious, so it was terrifying," he said.

Battered and bruised, Flannery, Zarate and the woman in the Chevrolet all miraculously survived the collision.

"He doesn't know if he killed someone or if he hurt someone," Zarate said of the big rig driver. "He just left and he's just living his life when he changed our lives."

That's why investigators are hoping someone recognizes the truck. They say it has a blue cab and was pulling an orange shipping container with the word "Triton" on the side.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Redlands Police Department.

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