Moreno Valley

Big Rig Collides With Taxi in Moreno Valley

A semi truck and a taxi cab collided on a main artery in Moreno Valley after the taxi driver drifted into opposing lanes Tuesday afternoon. The big rig burst into flames due to the wood products on the truck combining with the crash and the surrounding environment, but firefighters knocked down the flames that only grew to about half an acre.

California Highway Patrol officers say it is incredible that no one was killed, and what remains of the taxi cab reinforces that thought.

Officers say that the driver may not have been paying attention to the road when his car drifted into the opposing lanes.

"There is a preliminary statement from the fare that the driver may have been trying to change a radio station," Sgt. Randy Costelow of the CHP said.

After colliding with the truck, the taxi slammed into a guard rail. Investigators say the driver and passenger were seriously hurt, but neither had life threatening injuries.

The semi truck continued for an extra 200 feet before finally coming to a stop, and the driver of the big rig suffered only minor injuries in the crash. After the truck stopped, a small brush fire erupted.

Officers made a point to say that the crash should serve as a warning to all drivers to keep their eyes and attention on the road. 

"You have to pay attention to the road, your speed, your following distance," Sgt. Costelow said. "And you absolutely need to stay on your side of the road."

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