Shop Donates Bike to Boy Robbed on Halloween

Deputies said they are close to making an arrest.

A South Los Angeles bike shop helped an 11-year-old boy Wednesday by donating a bike after his was allegedly stolen on Halloween.

ESR Bike and Skate Shop made the donation after learning about the boy's bike being allegedly stolen by an adult man. The robbery victim originally received the bike from ESR after winning a raffle.

"For one guy to come over and try to spoil a whole day, luckily the community that we are we're able to come together," said John Jones, manager of ESR Bike and Skate Shop.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said the alleged robbery occurred Oct. 31 around Noon in the Ted Watkins Park on 103rd Street in Los Angeles. The man approached the boy and snatched the bike from him before placing a small girl onto the handlebars and riding away, deputies said.

Deputies said the boy and his mother chased the man but could not catch up to the alleged robber.

The bike was described as a Micardi Civoli beach cruiser with a black frame, green rims and a white seat.

Deputy Joseph Cerda said authorities were very close to an arrest in the case.

Heather Navarro contributed to this report.

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