Kids Competition Puts White Cane Skills to the Test

Blind and visually impaired kids compete in 10th annual Cane Quest.

Blind and visually impaired kids competed this weekend in the Braille Institute's 10th annual Cane Quest.

The contest and social event was held at the Cal State Los Angeles campus and included skills competitions like climbing stairs, finding a seat, walking around obstacles, navigating through high traffic areas, and getting on and off a Metro bus. 

The event aims to motivate kids to be independent and embrace the use of their white canes, which are often marked with stigma. Cane Quest also gives kids the chance to be social with peers that can bond over the same challenges.

The Braille institute, which provide services for free to individuals who are blind or visually impaired, celebrates it's 100th anniversary this year. They are actively seeking volunteers to support initiatives like Cane Quest, you can find more information here

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