Borderline Country Night Returns to Thousand Oaks to Help Community Heal

“I will always dance for them,” she said, “always.”

Borderline’s country night made a come back in Thousand Oaks Thursday night  seven weeks after a shooter opened fire and killed 12 people.

Owners of the local venue The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills hosted a country night to bring community together and helped them heal.

Kelsey Lewis, who worked as a DJ at the Borderline Bar & Grill the night of the shooting, said this country night was “necessary.”

“It’s not the dancing that heals,” she said, “but being around everybody we saw every week.”

The Borderline Bar & Grill owner, Brian Hynes, decided to organize this night after what he saw his line-dancing patrons were doing.

“They’ve been dancing in fields, shopping centers and parking lots,” he said. “I thought it was necessary to get a place to get ‘em together that feels like home.”

Dozens of people lined up outside The Canyon Club to show support, but for some it was a tough night.

“It’s difficult but so powerful, too,” said a community member at the club’s country night.

“My heart bleeds for those families,” said another woman at the event. “I am one of the fortunate ones, my son walked away.”

Jason Coffman, who lost his son Cody Coffman at the shooting, also attended Thursday’s country night

“It was very touching to me to go there tonight and see the outpour of love this community has not just for my son, but for all that were lost there,” he said.

Lewis survived the shooting, but lost six close friends that night.

“I will always dance for them,” she said, “always.”

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