Just Kidding. Broguiere's Dairy is Not Actually Going to Close After All

Customers took to social media, flabbergasted that the longtime Montebello dairy may close. Now, they get their wish, and Broguiere’s will keep providing that classic chocolate milk.

A dairy farm that's been in business for more than 100 years in Montebello, offering delectable chocolate milk in glass bottles, announced it would officially close its doors forever in May. But now the owner is saying he's had a change of heart after the outpouring of support on social media. 

Broguiere's Dairy announces that it will keep its doors open after all.

The owner Ray Broguiere mentioned previously that his reason behind deciding to close the store in Montebello was due to high cost and regulations.

But after beloved customers of the famous milk heard about the dairy possibly closing, they practically begged the owner to not shut down his business.

Reviews and comments for the Dairy store began pouring in asking the owner over and over to not close its doors and many shared heartfelt messages and personal memories.

One review reads: "Your family business has become a part of our family, too."

While another review suggested the owner to raise the price to the famous milk, saying he would gladly pay "$10 a bottle" so long as they don't close.

Customers were heard by the owner and they will be able to enjoy their delicious chocolate milk and fresh dairy for days to come. 

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